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Where in the hay-honks have I been?

Wow I can not believe I have not posted since Aug. I do need to make a correction, I have 3 kids that stink in my class. BAD STINK. We have to burn candles and open all the windows. Gross!!!!!!!

Katie is getting so big. I just can not believe how much I love her. She is so amazing to me. I see so much growth inbetween each time I see her. GO KATIE!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I am getting excited for out trip to Pleasanton. I called to confirm the Hotel reservations today and the guy told me he did not see them. He had me all freaked out and them said, "Just kiddin, there you are", nice huh? It will be fun.

Tonight is the start of 2 weeks off for me, YES!~!!!!!!

Well that's all she wrote. See ya in another 6 months----LOL-----bye
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