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I am back

Yes it is true, I am back. I got so hooked on myspace, checking and rechecking to see if their ar4e new friends. Crazy but fun. Looking at my last entry I was still dreading the "Dragon Lady". Well after all the stressing I did in that class I got a B. (((SHOCKING))) I still can not believe it.

I have takin the summer off from school and work. I was just beaten down. After 2 weeks of vaca I am still tired. I really need to work on my health. I have tried to eat healthy but I feel like I am giving up soooooo much. It is so emotional for me, how sick is that......SICK.

Well that is all for now. I have a lot on my mine but not able to sort it out yet. so I will leave with this.....this...LOL
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