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I have not been on for months. I just read a post from my sister. I forget that there is four of us children that are all hurting. We all suffer in different ways. I really don't know how to get over it. I just eat. I think that is why I did not have my bypass. What would I do with my feelings if I could not shove them back in with food.

I tried to go see someone about my childhood. She said she thought I was pretty healthy by the way I talked about it. I said to her do you see the size of me. I think if I did not eat I would do drugs or drink. That is how I got through it as a kid. Now that things have quited down at home it wants to creep out. I have to stay busy. I work go to school shop, and scrap when I can.

Sis maybe we just need to start writing all the crap she did. Write for everyone too see. Just get it out. I will start:

One day I came home from school and she said to me, pack all your Dads stuff up and put it in the motor home. That Bitch made me pack all his stuff and put it in there and then yelled at me for crying.
She told me he was leaving. Do you think she is in Heaven waiting for us???

I am not going to proof read this cuz it hurts, so sorry if the spelling sucks. Do I feel better, NOPE.
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